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The Real or Onion Game

The interactive iPhone game from Gelf Magazine that challenges you to determine what's news and what's satire.

Playing the Real Or Onion game is simple. We'll give you a headline – "Grandma Shuts Down Entire Country's Internet" - and you tell us where it's from: a real news source or the Onion. If you think a story sounds too crazy to be true, each real headline links back to the original source, along with a witty comment from our peanut gallery. We'll also give you stats about how many other people got it right. The game sounds easy, but you'd be surprised how tough it can be. And with hundreds upon hundreds of headlines, you can play for hours on end.

(All Onion headlines and the Onion logo are used with the permission of The Onion.)

How it works:

1. Start 'er up!


2. Is it real?


3. Hilarity ensues!


Gameplay examples:

Awesome! How do I get it?

The Real or Onion game is available for iPhone and iPod.


Watch the video

Check out this super sweet video to see how it works!